Perforated Thin Coat Bead

Galvanised Perforated Thin Coat Beads for internal thin-coat plaster application.

Description and Application

Available in 2.4m, 2.7m and 3.0m lengths in galvanised material only.

Perforated Thin Coat Bead is used to reinforce and protect one-coat finish of plaster on corners and reveals at its weakest points on internal walls and plasterboard.

Two profiles are available - Standard range with a 22mm flange and Premier range with a 24mm flange both with a 79.5 degree angle.

A 135 degree bead is also available with a 24mm wing for unusual corners.


All galvanised materials are manufactured from steel to DX51.BSEN 10142 (g 275).

Manufactured in accordance with BS6452 Part 1: 1984.

Perforated Thin Coat Bead Product Range

Perforated Thin Coat Bead is available in boxes of 50 lengths per carton.

Code Material Length (m) Size (mm)
GPTCB24Galvanised Steel2.422 x 22
GPTCB27Galvanised Steel2.722 x 22
GPTCB30Galvanised Steel3.022 x 22
GPPTCB24Galvanised Steel2.424 x 24
GPPTCB27Galvanised Steel2.724 x 24
GPPTCB30Galvanised Steel3.024 x 24
GTCB13530Galvanised Steel3.024 x 24 (135° wing)


Standard Perforated Thincoat Bead
Standard Perforated Thincoat Bead
Premier Perforated Thincoat Bead
Premier Perforated Thincoat Bead
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